Ich bin ein wannabe

And so, I started off a blog.

Fat deal. I will always be the lazy guy who refuses to sit his ass down and purposefully write something. But maybe someday we might be able to call this a ‘real’ blog. Till then, I’m just killing time.
Oh, and about ‘me’:

I’m a second year engineering student. I mostly sleep all day (be it in bed or in class) and every now and then, I find something to do that seems worth my while. Mostly, I write about my own life, because I find it fascinating. But then again, some people find duck- billed platypuses fascinating.

I pass my time by reading, quizzing, writing, swimming, playing guitar, informal debating and general randomness.

P.S. I sincerely apologize to all Platypus enthusiasts out there who were offended by that thoughtless comment about Platypi. I respect the noble Platypus, and it is not my intention to slight these stupid creatures in any way.

[Yes, I am a fan of Kevin Smith films. And no, I do not copy stuff from others. It was a reference to the joke.]


One Response to “Ich bin ein wannabe”

  1. Iceland Says:

    Im about to return to Bali, for a longer visit.Can you recommend anywhere long term to stay? Maybe a cheap apartment.

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