Note: This is a reference to Abbott and Costello’s ‘Who’s on first base’ routine. It is NOT inspired by a million crappy email forwards.
It is also not intended to be racist.

Maradona: Who is the coach of South Korea?
Messi: Hu is.
Maradona: Who?
Messi: Si. Hu is the coach of South Korea.
Maradona: What do you mean by that?
Messi: Hu is the coach of South Korea.
Maradona: But that’s what I’ve been asking all along!
Messi: What?
Maradona: Who is the coach of South Korea?
Messi: Yes, he is.
Maradona: How?
Messi: No, no. Hao plays midfield for China.
Maradona: Oh!
Messi: He’s a Korean defender, not the coach.
Maradona: And who is the coach?
Messi: Yes.
Maradona: Bwaah?!
Messi: Don’t know anyone by that name. An Egyptian, maybe?
Maradona: Shit!
Messi: That would be the English team.
Maradona: I’ll shoot myself if this goes on any longer!
Veron (angrily shouting out): He means ‘Hu’ the name, not the pronoun.
Maradona: I think I should go back to being fat and jobless. Life was so much simpler then.


6 Responses to “Huh?”

  1. Arun Says:

    :D. Love the part about the English!

  2. Abhishek Says:

    Ha ha..nice

  3. Boney Says:

    Bleh 😛
    I remember asking a question about Abbott and Costello in one of the quizzes and your team went “wtf!! what arbit question?”

  4. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    @ Arun
    Thanks! The English bit wasn’t originally supposed to be there, but was added on considering their performance against the Americans. Clearly, Robert Green was on LSD.


    @ Samaadhi
    I was an uneducated man, back then :P. I shall admit that I only recently saw Abbott and Costello’s routine.

  5. joe Says:

    I’m going to go with:
    Veron: That was a Messi goal.
    Maradona: Messy? That was brilliant!

  6. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    haha! i sort of forgot that even Argentinian names can be puns.

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