New Roommates

In case you were wondering, yes, that is a milkybar wrapper forming part of their nest.

The parents of the tiny hatchlings (pictured above) made themselves very much at home in my room during the winter. On my return though, the adult pigeons bravely deserted their little eggs, leaving them to my mercy.

So far though, despite the many warnings I’ve been given, especially regarding the noise they might make in the mornings, I haven’t had the heart to remove them.

It’s not like they’re particularly pretty either. They’re just too damned defenseless.

And in case you were wondering- yes, that is a Milkybar wrapper forming part of the nest. Blame Papa bird for poor selection of construction material.

Also, I am open to suggestions of appropriate names for twins.


9 Responses to “New Roommates”

  1. Vinay Hegde Says:

    They look healthy! πŸ˜€

    Vega Brothers if they are both male. Vincent and Vic. πŸ˜›

  2. Adhokshaj Says:

    If you could just mention/find out their gender, it would give a great head start for Naamakaran…

  3. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    I don’t really know much about the sex of the birds. So far, their default names are This bird and That bird. The advantages of these names are that-
    a) they aren’t gender specific, since I can’t really tell what these pigeons are.
    b) The names are interchangeable. because I also can’t tell the difference between the two birds

  4. Akanksha Says:

    Gah. Be heartless and remove it. It’ll stink like hell and you’ll be paranoid that you’re going to catch all sorts of potentially fatal fungal diseases. Noise will not be just a morning affair, they may well take it into their heads to jump around at two in the night. I speak from experience.

    This Squab and That Squab? A little precision never killed anyone. πŸ™‚

  5. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    I’ve been a bit guilty ever since the still- lit cigarette butt that nearly burnt down the nest. I don’t think I could ever throw them down six floors after that.
    Also, there’s quite a bit of wall between my room and the trash- can cum balcony. That keeps the noise (and hopefully the diseases) out.

  6. Adeel Says:

    whhy not name them Jimi and Kurt. they’ll probably commit suicide saving you the misery.
    or Holmes and Moriarty, they’ll kill each other.

    or just Venkatraman and Vijayraman because they are localites

  7. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    I think we’ve established so far that I don’t want them to die. I suppose that Tam names might be appropriate for the birds, but I’m going to need non gender- specific ones.

    So far it’s This Squab and That Squab.

    Actually, while we’re on Tam names, I might consider naming them Superstar and Ultimate Superstar.

  8. Akanksha Says:

    Ah. Ever the repentant arsonist, aren’t you?
    I quite like the Holmes and Moriarty idea. Even if they fall off fighting, they’ll still live. πŸ˜›

  9. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    Update: Holmes and Moriarty have grown pretty big now. They aren’t very intelligent, nor do they hate each other, but the good news is that they might just fly out in a few days. Which is all the better because my balcony is beginning to smell.

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