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Malice in 2D Wonderland

February 14, 2010

Boring classes always lead to something; and some somethings are better than others.

In any case, I managed this XKCD rip- off. Inspiration came mainly in the form of Lewis Carroll’s works.

Note: The rabbit was added later on, purely to balance out the murder.


New Roommates

February 11, 2010

In case you were wondering, yes, that is a milkybar wrapper forming part of their nest.

The parents of the tiny hatchlings (pictured above) made themselves very much at home in my room during the winter. On my return though, the adult pigeons bravely deserted their little eggs, leaving them to my mercy.

So far though, despite the many warnings I’ve been given, especially regarding the noise they might make in the mornings, I haven’t had the heart to remove them.

It’s not like they’re particularly pretty either. They’re just too damned defenseless.

And in case you were wondering- yes, that is a Milkybar wrapper forming part of the nest. Blame Papa bird for poor selection of construction material.

Also, I am open to suggestions of appropriate names for twins.

Meet the new Blog, Same as the old Blog

February 5, 2010

(Slow drum roll, building steadily to a crescendo) Bang! Massively-explosive-nitroglycerin-bomb bang! The blog returns from beyond the grave, just like Superman did. Except that I didn’t have to be sent to a secret base in the Antarctic which is run by robots from outer space.

And now, as my first great act, I shall blatantly copy somebody else’s idea and define a word:

Spoiler: Large wing attached to the rear of most race cars in order to provide downforce, giving the car stability by keeping it on the ground at high speeds.
However, these are most commonly deployed by men in little Suzukis who think that dubbing a fake V6 engine noise over their puny 3 cylinder diesel engines works towards attracting women. So far, the only people I’ve noticed as being attracted to these had similar cars.

Alternate definition: listing out of a plot twist in a book/ movie, reading which would spoil the experience of reading the book/ watching the movie.
A few examples: 299 of the 300 Spartans die, the one eyed guy being the sole survivor; Mark Wahlberg shoots Matt Damon in the face at the end of The Departed; Tyler Durden is the narrator’s split personality; Bruce Willis was a ghost all along in the Sixth Sense; and Solyent Green IS PEOPLE!