Should I stay or should I go?

Transfers, transfers. Nobody likes being at the same place too long.

Some people prefer the Pescado Frito in Madrid over good ol’ Fish and chips in Manchester, while others move from one Mediterranean fashion capital to another. I am, of course, making rather obvious references to football.

And I too feel like a bit of an expert on the subject of shifting base, having changed cities and schools more times than I can remember.

And a part of me feels that it may be time to outgrow the blog as well. I think I’ve enjoyed the place (if I may call it that), but gotten a bit bored of it. Frankly, this is the first time I’ve visited it in months.

But then again, I do feel obliged to stay on for a bit. I mean, I never really did much for the blog; I just dropped a few scraps off my table and expected it to live off them, I never really nurtured it or gave it half a chance to grow.

I think I owe my blog a decent farewell, and if only to leave later on in a blaze of glory (read articles), I think I’ll stay on for now.


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