Pictures from Rhinoland- 1

A while ago, I went on Holiday to a vague place. Let’s call it Rhinoland, because Rhinos is what they said I’d get to see. There were, of course, Rhinos, but quite a lot more as well. More pictures to follow, as well as a proper travel diary of sorts.

The first couple of things you will notice is the lack of Rhinos and the poor camera work. Please don’t blame me, as the Rhinos will arrive later. As for the latter, I didn’t have a very good camera, and most of the pictures were taken from a moving car. The pictures in the following few posts would include some that were taken from the back of a moving elephant. Be prepared.


4 Responses to “Pictures from Rhinoland- 1”

  1. Adeel Says:


  2. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    rhinoland, the Dooars region of northern bengal, call it what you will. it was a pretty fun road trip, about a week long. more info in the coming posts.

  3. Adhokshaj Says:

    You mean north of west bengal? Is it near Darjeling?

  4. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    the area is near darjeeling, and i did enter darjeeling district, but it is too crowded a place so we decided to avoid it. since it was a road trip, we could go where we pleased, and even spent a day in bhutan.

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