Death of the Funny?

Of late, the world has seemed a much less funny place to me.

Take the virtual world, for instance. The cyber- universe was once full of rickrolling, hoaxes, and painfully funny jokes that were even funnier because most people didn’t get them.  Now, the closest thing to an attempt at humour is the annoying new Facebook memes that keep popping up every other day. No, I do not find labelling people in vague photographs with several Hello Kitty look-alikes amusing, and nor do I like sending out chain letters with twenty five lines of ‘About Me’ on them.

And don’t even get me started on why I dislike LOLcats. For one thing, I don’t think I’m nearly nerdy enough to like them.

Of course, a person can always escape the confines of the virtual world and explore the entity called real life. My life, for instance, is full of people who make fun of me, and people whom I make fun of. It’s a bit like a food chain within my species. But the unfortunate bit is that nobody rips on me anymore. I mean it- people no longer wish to make fun of guys who wear glasses, own a pair of Spider- Man undies and prefer milk to coffee.

And it isn’t just about making fun of people. I really cannot remember the last time somebody ran up to me, bursting to narrate a joke or incident. Even television has failed to deliver: all the comedy series are boring, South Park is airing some ancient episodes I’ve seen a hundred times, and Cyrus Broacha has all but disappeared from television.

The world seems to have gotten bad enough, but worse news follows the above: even sportsmen have lost the ability to amuse. I miss the on- court and interview room dramatics of Ivanisevic and Safin, as well as every single McEnroe- Roddick interview, not to mention Agassi, who once shaved his chest claiming, “It makes me more aerodynamic.” And no, that mongoose who won Australian Open last year isn’t very good at being a Joker.

So why is it all happening to the world now? Is it the recession? Does every one of us have someone dear to oneself who has had to suffer because of it? Rubbish. People tend to want to be happy in hard times. They need lightening up, and they try their best to put up a brave, happy face.

Then is it because humans have become so used to humour that we can no longer find anything new or funny? No, that’s not it either.

Then is it because I’m pissed at my work? Yeah, may be so.

Never mind if I said anything.


12 Responses to “Death of the Funny?”

  1. Alva Says:

    do you prefer milk to coffee ?? 😛
    btw my new blog’s up and running click on the link (my name) to check it out…


    P.S. – why don’t you try watching a few Woody Allen movies (some things never change) 😛

  2. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    well, i don’t hate coffee, i just like milk a lot more i guess :P.

    also, i saw your blog a while back- the paintings post. coming from a quizzer, i expected to see nighthawks and american gothic and other paintings i dont really get. but the paintings were actually good, especially wanderer at the sea of fog- thats one of my favorites as well

  3. Alva Says:

    Hey !

    If you have to comment on my blog – post the comment on my blog…

    besides is there any quizzer left at IITM who does not know about nighthawks – that’s one question which has truly been done to death.

    Anyway that was my first post on the subject of art and art appreciation – will be posting more esoteric Van Goghs next…

  4. Tanya Says:

    As much as you seem to love facebook, I would still like to say :
    Tanya Bhandari likes this.

  5. Adhokshaj Says:

    Yeah, I have observed it too. But it maybe because I try to watch Hindi TV shows, which claim be ‘comedy’ shows. They are all uniformly pathetic.

  6. Adhokshaj Says:

    PS: Apart from “Rakhi ka Swayamvar” and Saas bahu soaps, tell me an original hindi TV show

  7. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    @ alva
    point noted!

    i know, TV is dead. every show is a copy of the last, and even the newswallas keep chatting on about contestants from reality shows ive never heard of. life is annoying.

  8. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    @ tanya
    i almost forgot to reply!
    i dont hate facebook, it’s just that the guy who founded it is now the world’s youngest self- made billionaire without having any great skill of his own. i mean, all he ever did was blatantly copy twitter.
    actually, i hate twitter too. and i think im going to set up a new website to rival facebook and twitter. i’ll call it TwitFace. i could make a billion dollars with that.

  9. Shailja Says:

    Well, Friends re-runs can cure emergencies.. Though i’d strongly recommend ‘Daily Show’ and the ‘Colbert Report’ if you’re into that kinda thing.. I get my everyday dose there 🙂

    But nice observation.. There is a dearth of inventive new humor.. or perhaps, I havent explored enuf 🙂

  10. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    yeah, friends is alright to watch, even if youve already seen the episode eight times. personally, i’m not much of a colbert person, though off late i’ve developed quite a liking for top gear (the bbc one, not that crappy ndtv thing).
    seriously, an unscripted factual programme about cars is funnier than the average comedy show.

  11. mariyamubarak Says:

    Yes, yes, totally agree to everything you see. Original comedy is as old as the hills, not to mention the pathetic loud humor in our Indian films. The jokes these days are not even worth a smirk!

  12. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    strangely enough, i just discovered that all is not lost. quick gun murugan sounds pretty funny, or at least, the names of all of the characters do.

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