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What’s your perversion… er, profession?

January 14, 2009

The other day a friend of mine was talking about Woody Allen, and when people start talking about Woody Allen, they just never shut up about how stud they think he is. In my experiences, the average reference to Woody Allen in daily conversation goes like, “Hey macha, seen Annie Hall da? Utlimatest comedy. Too stud”, after which the speaker proceeds to describe how watching an effeminate, nerdy man stammer while trying to be witty makes for a great movie.

To me, he’s like an investment banker who accidentally got into film making. I mean, he just makes ordinary films about the lives of ordinary people, except that he fills them with long pseudo intellectual dialogue and monologues, making him a pseudo artist in much the same way that an investment banker is a pseudo economist.

Which is why I did not, and will not, see Vicki Christina Barcelona. I don’t care. Even if it wins every great award in the world, I will remain as opinionated as always. The movie wasn’t made by a real artist.


I must be in College

January 11, 2009

It’s been a while since my last post. Let’s just blame it all on a lack of joblessness. Personally, Id’ hate to mark the end of a short hiatus with an ordinary post about some arbit thing I saw… but guess what?

The other day, while filling up my bottle at a hostel water dispenser, I noticed something. What I saw looked somewhat like this:


Now if you take the trouble of looking closely at the floor of the dispenser, you’d notice an ant like creature in there. And if you look very, very closely, you would notice the following:

La Resistance

For all non science students (if such beings truly exist), that is a resistor. It belongs in an electrical engineering lab. And my old friend Mr. BB Roy tells me that its resistance value is 2200 ohms, with a tolerance of 5%.

Thus far, I have resisted (couldn’t help writing that!) the temptation of ending my posts with a question, but what the heck?

Q. In which part of the world would you be most likely to find a resistor in a water dispenser?

A. Athos

B. Pothos

C. Aramis

D. D’Artagnan

That was such a cup question.

I mean, Slumdog was pretty good, but 2 crore for that? Sheesh!