Pirates of Pampa: The Curse of the Pink Rakhi

Water, water everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink.

Water, water everywhere,

And my hand did turn pink.

(Apologies to S.T. Coleridge)

Washing hand isn't quite the same as cleaning them

4 Responses to “Pirates of Pampa: The Curse of the Pink Rakhi”

  1. Sarthak Parikh Says:

    heyyy..the same happened with me this rakshabandhan…and i got a few pink spots on my t-shirts and shirts as well..!!

  2. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    I understand you woes… my shorts ended up turning pink near the pockets. Imagine a pair of blue shorts that’s pink near the pockets- it’s like a blue Yamaha that’s pink near the tyres.

  3. smita Says:

    the ‘CURSE’ of the rakhi???!!! 😡 u boys shud be ashamed of urselves!!

  4. Vinayak Sapru Says:

    The word ‘curse’ was thrown in purely for dramatic effect..

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