Knock Knock

Room Number 758, Pampa Hostel, IITM.

7:45 am.

Arbit passer by: Knock Knock!

Me: (In a sleepy daze) Who dat?

Arbit passer by: Waiqap.

Me: (rubbing the sand from my eyes) Waiqap who?

Arbit passer by: Wake up. Class starts in 15 minutes.

This pretty much describes my first conversation of the day, everyday. The conversation is usually followed by the now routine ritual of fast- forwarded tooth brushing, peeing, deodorising and changing clothes, culminating in the race to class which always ends with me reaching late by 5 minutes.

[Note: The author maintains that contrary to popular belief, he is very concerned with his personal hygiene. He does bathe everyday, though the morning shower is no longer a regular event.]

Now, in all of this, the part that I find disturbing is that I am no longer disturbed by my own routine. I’ve really gotten too used to it to bother much if I wake twenty minutes too late for three days in a row.

Is it really just me?


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