[The following conversation took place in the form of chits being passed around during a physics lecture. Any resemblance to people (or professors) dead or living (or the undead) is intentional and non- coincidental.]

Adeel: What’s del cross A?

Vinayak: Dunno. Is the hair on the rest of your body as curly as that on your head?

Adeel: Kinda. Seen the sort of hair the guys in Jackass had? A bit like that.

Vinayak: Dude, MSV (name changed to protect privacy) looks like one of those mad torturing doctors in old Nazi films.

Adeel: ??

Vinayak: You know, ‘Heil Hitler’,’Herr Doktor’, gas chambers, hundreds of dead jews.

Adeel: ??

(Cue: Bell ringing. Class over.)

Vinayak: You know, for a while I felt that the hair in your nose was trying to break out of its prison and gain control over the rest of your body. But I think you trimmed it.


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