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Pirates of Pampa: The Curse of the Pink Rakhi

August 17, 2008

Water, water everywhere,

And all the boards did shrink.

Water, water everywhere,

And my hand did turn pink.

(Apologies to S.T. Coleridge)

Washing hand isn't quite the same as cleaning them

Knock Knock

August 8, 2008

Room Number 758, Pampa Hostel, IITM.

7:45 am.

Arbit passer by: Knock Knock!

Me: (In a sleepy daze) Who dat?

Arbit passer by: Waiqap.

Me: (rubbing the sand from my eyes) Waiqap who?

Arbit passer by: Wake up. Class starts in 15 minutes.

This pretty much describes my first conversation of the day, everyday. The conversation is usually followed by the now routine ritual of fast- forwarded tooth brushing, peeing, deodorising and changing clothes, culminating in the race to class which always ends with me reaching late by 5 minutes.

[Note: The author maintains that contrary to popular belief, he is very concerned with his personal hygiene. He does bathe everyday, though the morning shower is no longer a regular event.]

Now, in all of this, the part that I find disturbing is that I am no longer disturbed by my own routine. I’ve really gotten too used to it to bother much if I wake twenty minutes too late for three days in a row.

Is it really just me?


August 8, 2008

[The following conversation took place in the form of chits being passed around during a physics lecture. Any resemblance to people (or professors) dead or living (or the undead) is intentional and non- coincidental.]

Adeel: What’s del cross A?

Vinayak: Dunno. Is the hair on the rest of your body as curly as that on your head?

Adeel: Kinda. Seen the sort of hair the guys in Jackass had? A bit like that.

Vinayak: Dude, MSV (name changed to protect privacy) looks like one of those mad torturing doctors in old Nazi films.

Adeel: ??

Vinayak: You know, ‘Heil Hitler’,’Herr Doktor’, gas chambers, hundreds of dead jews.

Adeel: ??

(Cue: Bell ringing. Class over.)

Vinayak: You know, for a while I felt that the hair in your nose was trying to break out of its prison and gain control over the rest of your body. But I think you trimmed it.

Ich bin ein blogger

August 8, 2008

After many a failed attempt at regular blogging, the combination of extreme boredom in my life and the need for an outlet has led me to finally set up a regular blog (of sorts).

I just hope that lethargy or any of the other demons I am well acquainted with don’t mess up my first serious effort. At any rate, here’s to a great beginning… or a slow and painful death, whichever comes.